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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Informed

Do I have to be a member of the family to participate?

If you are related to anyone in the picture by blood or adaption or marraige, yes!. This  is your family's structure. Make sure you feel comfortable and take on the responsibilities of being a family member who strives to be the best that you can be. That is all that we ask. If you write, make sure your writing is clear and concise. It’s a good idea to review what you’ve written and ask yourself the following - if this was my first time visiting the site, would I fully understand this writing? Then revise or expand as necessary. Consider adding a photo or video as a visual tool or for extra impact.

Do I have a say in the operation of

This is your family center. Yes you have a say in the operation and management of the structure. BKGCorp operates as a family company with shares, offices, a board of directors, bylaws and a complete business system. You have a vote on who is who and does what with what that the group controls.  Make sure you understand how BKGCorp operates, and are clear on the role you inherit.  It’s a good idea to review what is here and ask yourself the following - Since this is my company how would I contribute to make it better for all of us.  Then participate.

Are there any cost involved in participating and what are the benefits for my family?

Each family member will at birth or declaration that they are officially a member of the family according to the bylaws, will receive 10 shares of BKGCorp stock regardless of participation. It is an inherited right. The cost to participate as a voting member is determined by the board of directors and regardless of the denomination, an equal amount of shares will be distributed according to the amount purchased to raise funds to support the interest of the family structure.  Currently there is a monthly membership amount and  that amount is posted in the family office for review. As a member, there are discounts on a variety of items offered by family businesses throughout BKGCorp.  Take a look and participate.

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