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How to recognize fake news on social media

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Fake news and hoaxes are a weapon that has been used to help unravel our democracy. The widely accepted definition of Internet fake news is: fictitious articles deliberately fabricated to deceive readers”. Some social media and news outlets seem to have forsaken democracy and operate vehicles for profit that publish fake news to increase readership or as part of a larger process assist foreign actors in their process of confusion as psychological warfare. In general, the goal is profiting from lies and fake news through clickbaits. Clickbaits lure gullible users and entice curiosity with flashy headlines or designs to click links to increase advertisements revenues while fueling the flames of division. The issue; if you fool enough people, they will resist being know as fooled, and fight to be right for no other reason than not wanting to admit they were dupped. Each gave up their dollars and sole for a un-honorable man, over an honorable country they swore to protect and defend. This is the discussion.

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